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About 00s Club Dance Radio

Radio online 00s Club Dance is the best station for those who used to be a fan of the music of the 2000s. Here are the best tracks of the beginning of the XXI century, processed by famous and not so famous DJs. The main part of the air is represented by the famous club and dance hits of the 2000s, which are distinguished by painfully familiar motifs, easy rhythm, and unpretentious lyrics.  Show more

You can listen to 00s Club Dance radio at any time. It does not matter what you do, driving to work or relaxing in the company of your best friends out of town. It is important that the radio with the hits of the noughties will fill the atmosphere of your party/car/room with positivity and instantly improve your mood. The station's music is perfect for morning listening. Burning, rhythmic tracks will set the right mood for the start of the day. Collapse

Station history

21:26 Public Dj - Music…All Night Long (Original Version)
21:20 Michael Cassette - Shadows Movement (Original Mix)
21:17 Narcotic Thrust - I Like It (Radio Edit)
21:10 System F - Exhale
21:01 A Boy Called Joni - Green Astronauts
20:54 deadmau5 - Arguru
20:50 Ørjan Nilsen - Arctic Globe
20:46 Sunover - Stella (Original Mix)
20:39 Axwell - Feel The Vibe
20:27 Laurent Wolf Mary Austin - Saxo (Club Mix)
00s Club Dance
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